WordPress Website Common Tasks

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After you install WordPress in Linux Hosting, you can start building your website. Below are the most common tasks you should complete, with links to articles and videos that will take you through these tasks step by step.

Pick The Template

WordPress uses themes to define the look and feel of your site. A theme is installed and active by default, but you can change that to another theme that suits your site better.


The theme has several pre-made templates to choose from when you log in to your site for the first time. You can select a setup with or without an online store and a category based on your business. For example, for a law firm or bookkeeping agency, go for a formal template with navy blue or dark gray accents. On the other hand, choose bright colors for a travel blog or a clothing store for kids. Blue and green are good options for health-related professions.

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Further to customize a WordPress theme in simple steps, follow the Hosting Column article How to Customize a Theme in WordPress.

Install Plugins

While a theme affects the look of your site, a plugin adds new functionalities to WordPress. For example, if you need a contact form, additional protection, or a way to create backups easily, you can achieve this by installing and activating a plugin.

Upload Images and Other Media

Images can make your site stand out and become more visually appealing. Here’s how to add optimized images and other media to your WordPress library.


Add & Design Your Pages

After you add a page, you can design it by inserting and editing different pre-made blocks. Here’s How to Add Different Layout Blocks in WordPress.

Set Up Home Page and Blog Page

By default, WordPress shows the latest posts on your home page. If you don’t want to have a blog on your home page, you can replace it with a static page and choose a custom page for your blog.

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Create a Navigation Menu

A navigation menu helps readers to discover important pages on your site.

Follow the step by step article & video to create a Linux hosting WordPress website from scratch How to Create a Self Hosted WordPress Website.

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