How to Create a Completely Free Website

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This post demonstrates how to create a completely free website with free domain name & free web hosting account.

To create any type of website following two things are required

  1. A Domain Name ( name of the website ) e.g.,, etc.
  2. A Web Hosting account where a website is created and all the website data is stored e.g. images, databases, files etc.

Hence first register a free domain on Freenom provides free domain name registration with extensions such as .gq, .ga, .ml, etc. To register a free domain on, follow the previous post Free Domain Name Registration with Freenom.

Now create a free web hosting account on InfinityFree is known for the fastest free web hosting accounts with unlimited disk space. To create a free InfinityFree web hosting account follow the post How to Create a Free Web Hosting cPanel Account.

After registering a free domain name & creating a free web hosting account, follow the steps in the video to create an HTML website.

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Remember free accounts are not recommended for professional website development as these accounts are very unreliable and offer very limited functionalities & support for troubleshooting.

Here is the step by step video to Create a Completely Free Website

Here are the steps shown in video

Step 1: Open InfinityFree website or click on the link InfinityFree. Sign in with your credentials & Click on the button New Account.

Step 2: Provide Freenom registered free domain name in “use your Own Domain” name field e.g. & Click on the CREATE ACCOUNT button. Wait for a few minutes and reload the page. Now click on Control Panel button & I Approve in the next screen.

Step 3: In the FILES section, click on Online File Manager link. Now click on htdocs folder & create a new file index.html as shown in the video.

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Step 4: Index.html is the home page of your website, write some HTML code for Home Page of the website. To learn HTML & other web languages follow the posts on Hosting Column.

Step 5: Browse the website with the registered domain name e.g. to view the website just created.

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