How to Create Strong Passwords

How to Create Strong Passwords

When it comes to Computer Security, passwords are your first line of defense. The main reason people choose bad passwords is that they are easy to remember. However, you wouldn’t leave the door to your home unlocked because it is too much of a hassle to unlock it before you open the door. A weak password is the same thing….

How to Test Speed of Your Website

How to Test Speed of Your Website

These days it is required to continuously test the speed of your website so that it doesn’t get slow and loads within few seconds of typing website address in the address bar. To test your website’s speed, it’s a good idea to make sure it’s not just your local internet that’s causing the issue. By using website speed tests, you…

How to Create An Online Store & Business Website in 30 Minutes

Create an Online Store & Business Website Quickly in 30 Minutes

This post demonstrates how to create a full-featured Online Store & Business Website quickly in 30 Minutes using a Website Builder. These days it is expected to have a business website for internet presence and growing the business rapidly. If you are not an experienced developer and unable to hire an expert web developer then Website Builders provide the best…

How to Buy a Domain name with promo codes

How to Buy Domains on Discounted Price with Promo Codes

This post demonstrates how to buy products e.g. a domain and how to apply promo codes for discounts. Domains are used to uniquely identify your website on the internet. In simple words, a domain name is the web address of your website such as,, etc. Domains are available with various extensions such as .com, .org, .net, .in,…

How to Manage MySQL Database with phpMyAdmin

How to Manage MySQL Database with phpMyAdmin

This post demonstrates how to manage MySQL database with phpMyAdmin during PHP MySQL website development. A database is required to store the data during website & software development. Databases are used to store user’s data e.g. User Registration Details, Order Placed on a Website, Blog Posts, Banking Transactions etc. while using websites. Most of the data that is entered or…

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How to Migrate a WordPress Website to New Host

This post demonstrates how to migrate a WordPress website from one web hosting server to another. Migration refers to moving websites from one webserver to another webserver due to various reasons such as increased load on an existing server, slow speed of the website, increasing cost of hosting plans etc. A website migration is performed after taking a full backup…

How to Create a Self Hosted WordPress Website

How to Create a Free Self Hosted WordPress Website

This post demonstrates how to create a free WordPress website from installation of WordPress software to the creation of self-hosted free WordPress website. WordPress is a PHP MySQL software used for creating blogs & websites and powers more than 23% of websites on the internet. It is an Open Source software (free to use) and can be easily installed by…